Transcendent Heroes of the Power Dimension

A Positive Trans Inclusive Roleplaying Game

Welcome to the POWER DIMENSION! This world between worlds is a place for the most powerful of heroes in all existence . . . or those destined with potential to become some of the most powerful heroes in all existence.

The Power Dimension exists between the worlds, sandwiched between the mighty planes and mountains of Amya and the dark stars of Elenroth. It is a place where various powers from all over the multiverse naturally collect, feeding those who live within it with strength and magic.

This natural force creates HUGE magical circles that appear throughout the dimension. Power and magic are fed into the realm through these POWER CIRCLES, but they are also a place for heroes to travel in and out of the dimension, helping those in need and saving innocents.

In this land, the Guild of Transcendent Heroes (or GoTH) works hard to keep a true spirit of peace and equality for all within the dimension. The goals of the GoTH are to bring this sense of equality to all neighboring dimensions in the multiverse. The ideals transcend the rigid concepts of gender that limit so many in other spaces and strive to offer safety and peace to those who are oppressed, abused, or subjugated in any way.

However, even in their quest for equality and justice, not even the Power Realm is safe.

Transmissions from adjacent dimensions, such as the fantasy world of Amya, say that they’re being invaded by an ancient organization of evil wizards who are releasing monsters upon the realms . . . all in an attempt to bring things back to the “Ancient Way.”

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