Trap Trap! A kobold themed one shot (Roll20)

This product is the Roll20 Addon adventure, a conversion of the Gold best selling adventure ‘Trap Trap!’. for the PDF version, click HERE

Trap trapis a one shot 5e Dungeons & Dragons adventure module for a party of four to five characters from3rd to 4th level

The hooting of kobold spectators becomes a howl of laughter when your party’s wizard tumbles over your head, launched by a hidden spring trap.

Don’t look back! You’ve got to fight, dodge and puzzle your way out of this gods forsaken arena. Aargh, another giant metal lock on a door! Now where did that rust monster get to…?!

dwarf rollerkobold roller

At an annual festival of kobold tribes, your PCs are part of the main attraction! They’ll face a cavern sized gauntlet, complete with traps, puzzles, deadly beasts and vicious, kobold gladiators!

A raucous crowd will hoot and holler as your party goes down in defeat, up in flames, or out in style!

Featuring 3 new monsters, 3 new clever kobold contraptions and amillion new ways to die

May Kurtulmak bless your fingertips! Trap trap has begun!!

kobold spectator

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