100 Items in a Wild West Lawman’s Pocket

Lawman. Sheriff. Deputy. Marshal. These bold and courageous community leaders survive by using their skills and wits to control the chaotic and mean spirited elements of their town as they try to endure the perils of the wild West.They could be found in saloons, town halls, or just about anywhere in town or on the grasslands or hills that cover the open plains of North America. And while they might be jaded, practical or even handsome, their true calling should be service, safety, and the law.

This list is intended for any Wild West setting (like Tall Tales, Down Darker Trails, Deadlands, Boot Hill, Aces & Eights, WildWest, etc.) where the vehicle of choice is the horse, the Colt revolver is King, and there is far more land thanthere are people. This list can be used with a wounded deputy, a cooling corpse of a fallen sheriff, or a bold pickpocket. This roleplaying tool gives you dozens of different ways to add a new dimension to your next leader. We recommend rolling up to 1d6 times per lawman if they are being totally searched.

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format

Roll result A brief description of the object(s) that can found in pockets of this Wild West Lawman.

Example 101 Government Letter Explains how the military will move collected taxes from town to the government vault.

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