Before the Dawn Du0026D 5e, Pathfinder 2e Compatible Encounter (Free)

Hi everyone!

The next encounter of the month is here! I think that Shrine of Everlasting Dawn is probably one of my favorite recent maps I released, so this was really fun to read when Lee sent it to me. As usual, I think he did such an awesome job with it. Would love to know your thoughts on it as well though!

Oh and I have some news! Starting next month, we are going to release bulletin board style adventure hooks for every encounter we release! It will be styled and written to easily fit into your own campaign, in case you want to throw in a random encounter, or make it a part of your on-going story! Would love to know your thoughts on this!

You can download the free map and the free encounters below.

You can find the premium rewards for the map for the encounter here:

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