Derelict Delvers


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What is this game?

Derelict Delversis a thrilling, action packed sci fi roleplaying game that immerses players in a struggle for survival and profit. The game takes place in a galaxy overrun by monstrous alien creatures, who have destroyed humanity’s peaceful exploration and diplomatic efforts.

The players take on the roles of elite space troopers, scientists, and engineers who must explore derelict spaceships and space stations in order to scavenge for supplies, salvage for weapons and valuable resources, and ultimately, hunt down the monsters that threaten the very existence of mankind. They are a team of skilled specialists, who are on a mission to help humanity, but also themselves.

With a unique blend of fast paced combat and challenging perils, players will have to work together (or alone!) to overcome the dangers of the derelict ships and outsmart the deadly aliens lurking within. They will also have to make difficult decisions that will affect the outcome of their missions, their potential profits, and their very survival.

Derelict Delversis a journey of exploration, of discovery, and of opportunity. Join the elite team of Derelict Delvers, and see how far you can go after the fortune the galaxy has to offer.



  • Unleash your imagination and create your own one of a kind character archetype and special powers using our easy to use and highly customizable character creation system
  • Take on a unique “meta role” that shapes your interactions with the game world, putting you in charge of bringing the scenario to life!
  • Enjoy the freedom of solo or group play without needing a Game Master, thanks to our intuitive and dynamic gameplay system
  • Take on the thrilling challenge of exploring derelict spaceships and space stations, a fresh take on the classic dungeon crawler genre
  • Battle against a diverse array of monstrous alien creatures and overcome challenging threats
  • Shape your own fate by making strategic decisions that impact the outcome of your missions, and potentially your own personal gain.

Your purchase includes

  • 70 page, richly illustrated, totally hyperlinked and bookmarked PDF
  • 20+ random tables to generate everything, from rooms to monsters
  • Rules reference document with all the mechanics you need during play


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