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Dragonlance Trinkets & Treasures is a collection of trinkets and magic items inspired by several of the original Dragonlance adventures.

The writing team tapped into the texts of Dragons of Despair, Dragons of Flame, Dragons of Dreams, The Knight’s Sword, Oak Lords, Dragon Knight, and Dragons of Ice for inspiration to create these treasures of Dragonlance.

In all, we created 37 colorful trinkets and 46 magical items for you to use as rewards for those heroic adventurers while they defeat foes during Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen.

For the trinkets, we include history and usage sections to help you add these fun morsels to your game. Here’s an example.

Last Home Inn Tankard

A worn and slightly scorched wooden tankard emblazoned with the crest of the Last Home Inn.

History This tankard was once one of many at the Inn of Last Home. Battered and burned during the sack of Solace, it has found its way into the mud at the base of the Vallenwood tree on which the Inn perches.

Usage The Inn of Last Home is well known throughout Krynn. Having or using this tankard in the open gains a strong response from both the forces of the Dragonlords and those who stand against them. Raising it in a toast quickly brings the attention of the forces of good, seeking to find whether it is held by friend or foe. It also would find a fine steel price from a collector.

These items aren’t only for Dragonlance 5E! Many could easily be added to any loot haul, dragon hoard, or undead den.




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