Dustbowl Junction A Wasteland Settlement

Dustbowl Junction is a small, post apocalyptic settlement nestled in the heartof a barren scrubland, at the junction of two ruined highways. Thesettlement’s name is a testament to the harsh, dusty conditions that theinhabitants must endure every day.
Despite the difficult conditions, Dustbowl Junction has managed to survive,thanks to the resourcefulness and resilience of its inhabitants. The settlementis made up of a collection of ramshackle buildings and structures, including awater pump, a bazaar, a salvage yard, a lookout tower, and a communitygarden.

The inhabitants of Dustbowl Junction are led by their Governor,Maxine Turner, but the community really held together by their water pump which is maintained byAdam Martinez, making him the most valuable person in the settlement, something which embarrases him to a large degree. Whether you’re visiting to shop at the Bizzare, drink at the Junkyard Bar, or stop in the Governors Mansion which doubles as the town hotel, you’ll find the place a refuge from the wasteland that surrounds it.

With 10 Detailed locations, 21 Characters with interpersonal relationships and personalities, and 10 Adventure Ideas, Dustbowl Junction is system agnostic and can be slipped into almost any post apocalyptic campaign as somewhere to visit or somewhere you could base the players out of.

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