Elden Dungeons Advanced

Elden Dungeons Advancedis a dungeon crawler game. It can be played alone or with more players, with just this book, a sheet of paper, a pen/pencil and a couple of regular six side dice, offering Solo, Competitive and Cooperative modes. The rules are simple and resembles old dungeon board games.

Each player represents the role of a hero, who has a specific goal. In this book you will find 30 different heroes, many goals, 130 different enemies to be confronted, 120 treasures of many kinds scattered around 10 depth levels in the dungeon, 27 NPCs which also includes encounters with novel enemies, in addition to hundreds of exploration events that include rooms, corridors, secret passages, special chambers and many more.

Elden Dungeons Advanced is an evolution from the acclaimed Basic version. With the Advanced version, you are getting

o 12 extra heroes, for a total of 30 Heroes

o 58 extra enemies, for a total of 130 (including some secret ones)

o 48 extra treasures, for a total of 120

o 18 total spells, in three categories (arcane, divine and natural) instead of 6 spells in just one

o Five dungeons instead of one, with an option to have a mega dungeon

o 4 extra exploration levels, for a total of 10 dungeon levels

o 27 NPCs that can interact with the hero during the exploration of the dungeon

o Advanced rules, including leveling, powers, provisions, luck and others

o And much more!

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