Ithivellia 05 Song and Dance

Today, we return once again to Ithivellia, the fae capital in an enchanted glade! This release is a really special one because we’ve got four unique collabs to help you bring your fae adventure to life. Let’s dive in!

Borough Guide

This PDF introduces you to Maestro Ilidon, one of the six archfae of Ithivellia. As the most gregarious of the archfae, he is—of course!—hosting a masquerade ball. This is a great opportunity to get your players into the thick of fae politics, investigating and scheming while perfectly disguised. This guide also gives much more information about Ilidon’s pupils, the quirky fae raccoons that perform enchanting tunes all across the glade. Will you free them from the shackles of servitude?

We also just released a guide to using our six archfae in campaigns that feature archfae warlock patrons! The short document is included with the BB content zip file, but you can also download it separately via this link. This guide was created in collaboration with the incredible Ginny Di who also created a short video on the subject! Stay tuned for more BB x Ginny Di content tomorrow.


Borough Bound’s primary map today is the middle of the southern section of our six part Ithivellia map. This map is dominated by Ilidon’s ballroom, a glorious party space that will inevitably find itself home to countless fae quests. As always, we have variants of this map for each of the seasons, plus one that is spooky and misty.

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