Kingmaker | Olegu0027s Trading Outpost Map Pack!

The download URL for the map files can be found in a following “Tier Rewards” post specific to your tier, or on the Pinned post on the front page of the Patreon.

Welcome to Oleg’s Trading Outpost!

This Map Pack is my interpretation of a trading outpost from Pathfinder’s Module, Kingmaker, which is home to Oleg and Svetlana and a few visitors. My interpretation expands the outpost interior a bit, providing a bit more space for some hired-on hands, family members and more visitors.

I also expanded the area around the outpost, hopefully providing a more interesting backdrop for bandit attacks, social encounters or even the potential dragon swooping. Several different elevation levels, cover and some environmental hazards (the river gorge and cliff) should help make for some interesting tactics and plans.

The interior of the outpost has [7] main buildings:

1. Oleg’s Store