Lost Races of the Underdark Deep Imaskari

Introducing the latest addition to your Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign the Deep Imaskari Race supplement! Modified from the past generations to be a playable race in 5e!

Descended from a long lost and ancient civilization of magic users, the Deep Imaskari are a reclusive race of subterranean dwellers with a mysterious past. This supplement provides players and Dungeon Masters alike with everything they need to incorporate the Deep Imaskari into their campaigns.

Inside, you’ll find a detailed race profil, with insights into the history and culture of the Deep Imaskari.

As a player, you can create a Deep Imaskari character with a variety of racial traits, including their natural abilities to navigate the darkness and their powerful magical knowledge.

Dungeon Masters can use the supplement to expand upon their existing campaigns or to create entirely new adventures centered around the Deep Imaskari. Get inspired to explore their underground cities and encounter their strange and powerful artifacts. Or, use the Deep Imaskari as formidable foes for your players to overcome.

With the Deep Imaskari Race supplement, the possibilities for adventure are endless. Immerse yourself as the unique Deep Imaskari and take your D&D 5e campaign to the next level!

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