May WIP and April Cart!

Hi everybody,

in the renders you can see a WIP stage (just test printing, really) of the road coming in May! This will be the first of three parts. It is OpenLOCK, modular and it comes with a few extras (milestones, and customizable signposts). The bridge and outpost are still a work in progress, but you’ll be able to download and print the road from the second of May 🙂

Also, the Modular Cart Welcome Pack expansion for this month is out: a simple but brutal orkish war cart!

You can find it in the “New Cart” folder of the Welcome Pack, or among the objects shared with you on MMF.

As always I will be removing this month’s links tomorrow. If you did not receive your MMF invite or couldn’t redeem the files there just send me a message and I’ll send a new invite.

That’s it for now, I’ll be back the the second of May for the first Road post.

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