Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit Compendium

The Ultimate Dungeon Master Collection

Over 1000 pages of contents for Dungeon Masters of all experience levels.

The Content

This collection makes it nice and easy to have quick access to all of the Nerzugal Roleplaying products published on the DM’s Guild over the past 7 years! With over 100,000 downloads and multiple Best Seller awards on the DM’s Guild, within these pages you will find content that continues to grow in quality with each iteration! In total this includes

  • 30 Adventures (typically 1 2 sessions in length)
  • 11 Dungeons (stand alone dungeons filled with puzzles and traps to drop into your world)
  • 40 Puzzles (from simple ciphers to puzzles that are almost adventures themselves)
  • 100+ Magic Items (to spice up the loot in your world. As well as eight d100 random magic item modifier tables!)
  • 300+ Creates Stat Blocks (surpise your players with an arsenal of creature they’ve never encountered before)
  • 30+ Maps (to be dropped into your Virtual Tabletop of choice to bring the adventures to life)
  • 1 Mega Adventure(Intended to span 3+ sessions with quests and challenges all up to your players and luck of the draw!)
Over 100 unique pieces of artwork help bring the creatures, characters, and magic tiems within these books to life!
If you want to see more about each of the individual offerings, you can check the links below
Nerzugal's Dungeon Master Toolkit Nerzugal's Dungeon Master Toolkit 2 https// https// Dungeon Master Toolkit 3 https// Dungeon Master Toolkit 4

Physical Prints

If you find yourself enjoying the contents of a particular book, all of the Dungeon Master Toolkit products listed are available as physical prints! (Only the Tome of Horrifying Adventures is left off of this list). For more information on purchasing a physical print, simply click on the linked images in the sections above!

Nerzugal Toolkit Physical Prints sitting on a shelf


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