Oakhaven’s Thief The Quarrel of the Broken Fence

Oakhaven’s Thief is a mini adventure that could be run as a stand alone one shot adventure or could be a side adventure for an ongoing campaign.

The adventure provides an opportunity to mix the three core elements of encounter – combat, exploration, and role play.

The adventure is organized in three chapters and is designed for a party of 4 6 players with an average level of 3 to 5.

Two farmers are arguing over a broken fence and some stolen property. Both accuse the other, but neither is right. Kobolds havecomeinto the area with the intent to steal cattle and other resources from the farms using a system of underground tunnels. They have been expanding their network to other properties in the village, moving around undetected and capturing resources to take back to their lair located somewhere under the forest. The party will have to investigate the sinkhole and surrounding area to find the entrance of these tunnels and follow them to the kobold’s lair, and then stop the kobolds from causing more damage to the village by defeating them in their lair.

Chapter 1 The players explore Oakhaven and and investigate thievery problem

Chapter 2 The players discover the kobold tunnels and investigate the kobold lair

Chapter 3 The players find the villager’s stolen items and livestock in the kobold lair and can return the goods to the thankful villagers

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