Pirates Plunder a “5 room dungeon” heist

Anchored off the coast, outside the shipping lanes of Waterdeep, rests the Marvelous Marie. A small sailing vessel, the Marvelous Marie is the discrete flagship of the up and coming pirate lord Darrius Young. A tactically minded man, Darrius has already enlisted the loyalty of several larger pirate vessels out of Luskan. Their small flotilla ambushes and raids merchant vessels traveling the sword coast before transferring the goods to the smaller Marvelous Marie, who then travels into ports such as Waterdeep and other large trade centers to sell the stolen goods as a “legitimate” merchant.

Now, with most of her crew enjoying shore leave, the Marvelous Marie is temporarily vulnerable. A Waterdeep noble with connections to many different merchant guilds, has hired a group of adventurers to board, rob, and sink the vessel. But attacking a ship while it rests in protected waters is technically outside the law of Waterdeep. The adventurers will have to be quick and clever if they’re to get in and out before Waterdeep authorities arrive.

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