Printable Cantrip Spell Cards

Fill up your spell book with these fun and colorful cards. These print and play cards are perfect for an inexpensive, quick reference while you’re at the gaming table! They come in full color as well as a black and white version. The cantrip spells included in this pack are

• Acid Splash
• Chill Touch
• Dancing Lights
• Druidcraft
• Eldritch Blast
• Fire Bolt
• Guidance
• Light
• Mage Hand
• Mending
• Message
• Minor Illusion
• Poison Spray
• Prestidigitation
• Produce Flame
• Ray of Frost
• Resistance
• Sacred Flame
• Shillelagh
• Shocking Grasp
• Spare the Dying
• Thaumaturgy
• True Strike
• Vicious Mockery

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