Ravenloft Carnival of Lost Souls Campaign Guide

Ravenloft Carnival of Lost Souls Campaign Guide is a guide for Dungeon Masters who bought our other products from the Carnival of Lost Souls campaign series.

It connects together all the modular one shots we released previously into one grand campaign. It also offers guidance about expanding the scope of the campaign with your own ideas.

RavenloftCarnival of Lost Souls Campaign Guide features

  • Starting adventure to kick the things off and get the characters to know the Carnival
  • In between interludes and short encounters, which help to flesh out the Lost Souls NPCs more and add depth to the campaign
  • Grade Finale an epic showdown with The Caller in the Mists!
  • Full description for each of the Lost Souls and what happens to them as a result of players’ actions

Check out the modular adventures of the seriesLamordia The Hardest of Hearts,Dementlieu Dance with the Devil,Kalakeri The Forbidden TempleandValachan Hunter’s Moon!

We are a team of writers from Ukraine, so the unprovoked war and senseless aggression of the terrorist state of russia influenced our initial timelines significantly. The release of the Campaign Guide marks also a year since the start of the full blown war. At the moment, we are as safe as we can ever be under the constant threat of missile strikes, and extremely proud that we managed to finish the whole campaign! We are hopeful that the victory is close at hand, and in the new, whole, and peaceful Ukraine, we will create even more cool adventures! 😉

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Carnival of Lost Souls Campaign

LamordiaDementlieuKalakeriValachanRavenloft Carnival of Lost Souls Campaign Guide

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