RL1 In Remembrance of Claudia (Roll20)


In Remembrance of Claudia

A Gothic Adventure of love, death,
and tragic obsession.

by Igor Comunale

“The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably, the most poetical
topic in the world.”

Edgar Allan Poe

an adventure for 4th level characters

This is the Roll20 version of the adventure, for the pdf product click here!


Can love survive to death?

In the Land of Mists that’s possible, even if the result rarely could ever be the hoped one. Ravenloft, D&D gothic fantasy setting is loved by many Dungeon Masters and Players. Prepare for a dark journey through the abyss of the mind, where love, obsession and death resides together.

An old friend’s invite to a new wax museum exposition transforms itself readily in a nightmare when mysterious murders hit the city.


In this adventure you’ll find

A story with exquisitely gothic atmosphere

An exclusive interactive color map

Tokens of every single creature present in the adventure

Nostalgia, regret, love, obsession and desire of al Gothic villain never seen before

Combat reduced to minimum and total involvement in the history and motivations of the non player characters


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