Social Encounters Clarified

Social Encounters Clarified

The Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons approach to dealingwith social (and exploration) encounterssucks. Compared to the hundreds of pages of material supporting combat encounters, for social encounters there’s a relatively tiny amount of stuff in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. What’s there is a pretty slick procedure for dealing with reactions and interactions with intelligent creatures. The trouble is it’s scattered through the DMG in a disorganized, slapdash manner that’s impossible to practically use at the table. What’s worse is that it’s buried in a ton of prose that obscures the rules more than it helps explain them.

This is my attempt to organize the social encounter rules,while in the process stripping out as much of the excessprose as possible, thereby making it actually usable.

Also included is a super simple random Reaction system informed by *koffkoffCRIBBEDFROMkoffkoff* earlier editions of D&D. You can use the Reaction system in conjunction with or even in lieu of the official 5E rules for social encounters. It’s all up to you.

Anyway, I hope you like this.

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R P Davis is a Mithral winning author with literally hundreds of DMs Guild titles to his name. He’s also aveteran RPG freelancer who’s worked for everyone from Wizards of the Coast to Cubicle 7 to Onyx Path to Loresmyth.

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