The Lair has been released!

Hello friends!

My sincere apologies for the delay with this month’s release. I can finally say that the set has been sent out.

You will find three versions of the set – “Vanilla”, “Choco-Vanilla”, and “Double-choc”. These represent the process that I went through in my attempt to get close to one of the concept art.

I have also created options for the building to have standalone versions, in case you do not need the cavern and steps.

I do apologise for not hitting my targets this month, I will endeavour to make it up with next month’s Post Apocalypse set. I will also run the poll for the following year’s projects!

Thank you all for your support and feedback, it ALL helps me improve as a designer and sculptor. My aim is to be up there with the best, and I can only do that with your support and feedback – which you have done superbly well!

Thank you all!

PS. You will need to print with generated supports for now, but I will work to add them at a later date and update the files accordingly!


They all look AMAZING. Thank you for doing standalone – as a merchant that is critical. 🙂