The Potion Maker’s Proposition

Sometimes you just need to get off the road and head into town. A quick stop to resupply, rest in a bed, and maybe grab a hot meal and a few pints in the local tavern. It can do a weary adventurer a world of good. But that’s the rub, isn’t it! You have a few pints and people start to talk. Next thing you know, you’re on a boat sailing to an uncharted island. And that would have all been fine, but then you meet this guy with the seagull on his head…

This module provides a one shot (capable of usually being completed in one gaming session) drop in adventure which is set in the Kingdom of Falconrun on the island of Alva. The setting is purposefully designed with enough flexibility to be easily dropped into any existing 5th Edition campaign. As with any module, if you intend to be a player character using this module you should stop reading after the introduction and avoid further review of the module details until after your adventure is complete and allow your Dice Master (DM) to prepare the adventure for you.

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