The Stumble Inn

The Campaign Location Series offers readymade physical locations complete with detailed descriptions and NPCs to drop into your campaign. This module provides for a classic inn and public house.

Inns and public houses have always been important places throughout history. They have provided accommodation for travelers, particularly in areas where there were no other lodging options. They served as important social hubs, where people from different walks of life could come together to eat, drink, and socialize. They served as important centers of communication, where travelers could exchange news and information about events happening in other parts of the world. And they served as a hub of economic activity, particularly in rural areas.

In role playing games they are a classic trope. They serve as convenient starting points for campaigns because they provide a common location for the players to meet and begin. They often serve as important sources of information for the players as they interact with NPCs, and they encourage role play and create atmosphere.

The Stumble Inn is a ready to use such place. Enjoy!

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