Tome of the Treenest, 1

This tome, produced by the curious wizards of the Treenest, contains a set of rare spells created by wizards around the Farflung world. This first volume contains a set of utility spells for spellcasters out in the wild. They can help a mage and their companions out of sticky situations or create some dangerous problems for their enemies.

First is Cinekani’s Secret Chamber, a spell which can create an emergency hiding place out of a solid piece of stone, wood, or packed dirt. This spell allows adventurers to rest in relative safety, even in hostile terrain. Second is Create Poison, a spell which pretty much does what you’d expect and allows a wizard to create a variety of versatile toxins. Finally, this volume holds Ruven’s Rune of Recall, a weaker and more restrictive version of Teleportation Circle that is useful for lower lever adventurers who need to get out of a bind quickly.

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