Untold Subclasses Travel Domain

What do I get?

  • 1 new playable Cleric Domain Subclass The Travel Domain
  • 2 additional spells suitable for inclusion in the Cleric spell list.
  • 1 NPC statblock for a Pilgrim Cleric for DMs to drop straight into their encounters.

This subclass is intended for use with the cleric class as presented in the 5e core rules or in conjunction with the options in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

The Travel Domain focuses on the safety and wellbeing of all those undertaking a journey, whether than be a quest, pilgrimage, fleeing from persecution or even just nipping down to the bakers for a daily loaf. The gods of travel promote the mutual aid of travelers in distress, the offering of hospitality and companionship on the road and the safe passage of those voyaging overseas.

There are official arcane themed clerics, nature themed clerics, and war themed clerics, who all blur the central cleric class into the design space of an adjacent class (wizard, druid and fighter respectively). We created this divine domain to create a cleric capable of filling a ranger shaped space in party. Travel Domain clerics act as guides and guardians to fellow travellers, protecting established routes whilst exploring, charting and mapping new ones.

In addition to the specific subclass features for this new cleric domain, this booklet also contains 2 new spells that a DM may wish to add to their campaign world. These spells are suitable for Travel Domain clerics, but could also provide useful plot hooks if deployed as NPC spells.

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