World Building Update A New Continent

We’ve explored the entirety of Wordal and it snow time to explore a new continent. While the focus will remain on Wordal for the foreseeable future, this new continent will slowly be explored, region by region and settlement by settlement.

Here’s some lore to show you how events on Wordal led to the discovery of this new continent.

The Elven Purge was a dark time in the history of Wordal, marked by violence, persecution, and discrimination. The origins of the Purge can be traced back to the rising power of the human nobility, who feared losing their hold on society due to the increasing number of people claiming noble status through their High Elf bloodlines. The established nobility saw the High Elves as a threat to their power and influence, and eventually decided to wipe them out entirely. The Purge began with isolated incidents of violence against High Elves, but soon escalated into a full-scale campaign of extermination, with public executions and hunting parties targeting any High Elf they could find. The High Elves were forced to flee, leaving behind the continent of Wordal. Ironically, the Elven Purge, which started in an attempt by the nobility to maintain their positions of power, led to widespread unrest and controversy and eventually the collapse of their empire.

The journey of the High Elves to Ninwenorë, their new home, was long and fraught with danger. They traveled across unknown seas, facing many obstacles and hardships along the way. They had to contend with hostile creatures and harsh storms. But eventually, they arrived at their destination, a land of unspoiled beauty and natural wonders. Here, they began to build a new society, free from the persecution and discrimination of their past. They worked together to create a harmonious and sustainable way of life, rooted in their deep connection to nature and the wisdom of their ancestors.

Despite the passage of time, the legacy of the Elven Purge still echoes through the nobility of Wordal. Many rulers today trace their bloodlines back to the nobility of that time, still claiming some legitimacy through their ancestry.

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