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Baldur’s Gate The Fall of Elturel(Roll20 Version), is an introductory two hour adventure forBaldur’s Gate Descent into AvernusorTyranny of Dragonsfor 1st level characters.

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What appears as a normal mission to stop the Cult of the Dragon in the Elturgard Woods reveals a more sinister plot undertaken by the Cult of the Dead Three. This adventure seeks to invest the characters in the fall of Elturel by making its descent more personal.


Also included in this product are three new character backgrounds the Hellriders, the Order of the Gauntlet, and the Flaming Fist. These backgrounds include detailed information on each faction and ranks that allow characters to advance within each organization by earning renown. Additionally, this adventure includes two new magic items; abone of animation(from M.T. Black’sMordenkainen’s Tome of Marvelous Magic) and arose of Bhaal.


Whether you’re runningBaldur’s Gate Descent into AvernusorTyranny of Dragons, we hope you enjoy this adventure and that it motivates your players and their characters to save Elturel from utter destruction.

By Anthony Joyce Rivera & Justice Arman Graphically Designed by Gordon McAlpin

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