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Nestled at the base of Kelvin’s Cairn lies the Dwarven Valley

There the goodly dwarves of Icewind Dale have lived for centuries crafting fine weapons and armor. Looming on the eastern side of the valley lies the Halls of Black Ice, where an evil plagued the mind of many dwarves, culminating in a civil war. Recently, a new foe has found a home in these abandoned halls. With the help of some brave heroes, the dwarves may be able to reclaim these bountiful halls once more.


Little is written about the Dwarven Valley inIcewind Dale Rime of the Frostmaiden, though it was partially explored in Legacy of the Crystal Shard. This supplement toChapter 1 Ten TownsandChapter 2 Icewind Daleprovides an expansion of the Dwarven Valley and includes

  • Expanded Dwarven Valley, including some NPCs, trade options, fungi, lore, and the Halls of Black Ice
  • Additional Adventure Hooks, providing the characters with reasons to explore the Dwarven Valley.
  • A New Dungeon Battlemap, providing a harrowing battle in the tunnels of the Halls of Black Ice.

As always, it is up to you how much of the content you want to use. It’s perfectly fine to use some parts of this supplement while discarding others, or simply let the ideas presented here inspire new ideas of your own.

This supplement assumes a party of 4–6 characters of 3rd level. More powerful parties will have an easier time with the challenges within. Suggestions for scaling for 2nd level characters are presented within.


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  • Every rollable table ready to roll with single click Rollable Tables and Macros
  • All tokens and handouts combined in a Art Pack in your Art Library, allowing you to use the art of this product in other games

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