Deep Dive Troglodytes

Deep Dive Troglodyteoffers an in depth look at troglodytes, the stinky inhabitants of the Underdark! This 32 page document includes everything a Dungeon Master might need to feature troglodytes in their next adventure

  • 20brand new stat blocksthat can create a variety of combat encounters. Includes troglodytes of all sorts, from melee brutes to occult spellcasters and ranged fighters, as well as the beasts they raise, breed, and summon
  • Revised lore, which covers troglodyte origins, history, and societies
  • Racial traitsfor players who wish to play as a troglodyte
  • Fouroriginaltroglodyte organizations and societies, as well as four adventure hooks for each of them
  • Tactical tipsto help Dungeon Masters use these new creatures in combat without any problems
  • Suggestions as to how to replace troglodytes where they appear inofficial adventures

This supplement is part of theDeep Diveseries, where each entry features a specific species or monster from the history of D&D and tries to help them reach their full potential.

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