Feywild Map Pack 1

This map pack for TTRPGs features 6 maps all located in the Feywild. These maps include a Mystical Lake, Decaying Forest, Foggy Swamp, Mystical Forest Maze, Feydark Cavern, and an Overgrown Ruin. These maps come with and without a grid.

The Mystical Lake features colorful foliage, and a glistening teal lake surrounded by drifting glowing lights. What could be causing these lights to drift about the area? Did I just hear a splash in the water? What could possibly live under the calm waves of this mysterious lake?

The Decaying Forest is like any other dead forest except that all the color and life has been sucked from it. This gloomy terrain makes it hard for anyone to traverse it with a smile on their face. What could be causing such destruction to once a beautiful forest?

The Foggy Swamp is shrouded in mist and the only thing guiding the way are the glowing orb trees scattered throughout the terrain. The beasts that live in this bog aren’t the only thing that could pose a danger to travelers, this marsh is also full of man eating plants that haven’t been fed in a long time.

The Mystical Forest Maze is a forest that many enter but none come out. Could there be a beast in there killing all those who dare enter? Or perhaps the shifting trees and ever changing terrain render all travelers lost to the point of starvation?

The Feydark Cavern features hooked spikes on every wall that seem just as dangerous as the creatures one could find in this damp eerie place. The cracked ground proves a bit tricky to traverse with the only relief being the hill in the middle of the cavern that seems untouched. The pond on the left looks deep and seems too still, as if there is something just under the surface waiting for their time to strike.

The Overgrown Ruin appears to be a destroyed tower overrun with orange moss and cherry blossom vines. There seems to be a magical hum throughout the air. What sort of tower could have possibly been here before its destruction? Is the residue magic surrounding this ruin the cause of its demise?

These maps were made on Inkarnate.

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