Operation Pry Bar

Operation Pry Bar is a fourth level adventure made to be run during Chapter 4 of Dragonlance Shadow of the Dragon Queen as one of the missions given to the heroes before they go to Wheelwatch Outpost.

Mission Brief The hamlet of Fryeburg isn’t much, a couple of houses and an inn for merchants bound for Kalaman on foot. Its built around the Lygard, a smaller tributary river of the Vingard, and an old stone bridge. The bridge is post Cataclysm, thank the Old Gods for that, which means it can be destroyed. The Dragon Army has been making use of the bridge with their raiding teams, the Lygard is deep enough and moves quick enough to hamper movement and so the bridge is a lifeline for the raider groups. Your mission is to destroy the bridge to lighten the pressure on us, and maybe even slow the army at large. We’ll supply you with a shatter stone, a rare magical item from our friend among the Mages of High Sorcery which is easy enough to use and should destroy the bridge. Your secondary goals would be to take back what supplies you can from the raiders at the bridge, and to destroy what you can’t bring back over. The Old Gods protect you.

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