Rykard’s Guide to Class & Style

Rykard’s Guide to Class & Style is a treasury of character options including

  • 39 subclasses, 3 for each of the official classes
  • Suggestions for reskinning existing subclasses
  • New fighting styles
  • New feats
  • New spells

The subclasses within include the Shieldslinger Artificer, Path of the Planetouched Barbarian, College of Naming Bard, Revelry Domain Cleric, Circle of Serpents Druid, Gladiator Fighter, Way of the Lunar Warrior Monk, Oath of Protection Paladin, Relic Hunter Ranger, Escape Artist Rogue, Winterborn Sorcerer, Ooze Lord Warlock, and the Cabal of the Codex Wizard along with 26 others.

One of the subclasses from this guide, the Way of the Lunar Warrior Monk, is currently available as a Pay What You Want option to get a taste of what’s in this book.

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