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433755 thumb140.png Mr Choo’s Train of Troubles | Tier 2 Quest & Oneshot
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Hop Aboard… Mr Choo’s Train of Troubles! Functional as either an insert to your campaign for when you need a little padding on your travel or as a sizeable oneshot, this adventure follows your party as they travel on a brand new construct to get you to your destination on time! Fascinating inventor Amadeus Choo has created a vehicle that runs on magic and houses a myriad of wild and wonderful adventures! Come on board. Mr Choo’s Train of Troubles Contains PDF Format Optimised for Print 14 Small Maps with Easy Grids Helpful Descriptions for Every Room Tips & Tricks Easily Scalable Encounters A Printable Puzzle Varied Combat, Puzzles & Events That Use Often Unused Skillchecks 2 Custom Simple Melee Weapons A Unique Boss Battle Horrible Train Puns
Originally designed for a …

432142 thumb140.png Only Skin Deep | Tier One Quest & Oneshot
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Assistants at a beauty pageant! What could be a grander quest than that? An easy starter quest for both players and DMs, Only Skin Deep focuses on an rp focused oneshot that introduces you to a wide host of characters in the adventure to assist in creating the best beauty pageant ever! Good luck, brave heroes. Designed for 5 players, level 3 4. ‘Only Skin Deep’ contains A comprehensive 5 page introduction to the quest, with helpful dialogue suggestions to get newer DMs started on their journey. 3 original maps with grids and numbers for easy use….

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