Abrac City in the Swamps

A system agnostic city setting

Welcome to Abrac, City in the Swamps! This supplement offers you a unique location for your roleplaying adventures to take place in. It’s designed as part of the setting Braythe Shattered Realities, but it’s also designed to be easily adapted to any other setting or to be used on its own.

Abrac is a fantasy city full of diverse species, from the lizard like Chazrac who founded it to fairy creatures who live among the mortals. It’s a functioning anarchy with its own set of unwritten laws.

With this release, you get

  • A PDF with 51 pages including two organisations, eight NPCs, 29 locations and general information like demographics, history and a chapter on rumors and news that you can use as adventure hooks!
  • Three character portrait artworks that come as JPEG files as well as animated idle portraits (MP4)
  • High and low resolution maps including nine location maps and a regional map, most of which come in day and night versions
Abrac is a system agnostic city setting. You won’t find any creatures, species or rules specific to any particular roleplaying game. Instead, this product is designed to be easily adapted to any kind of fantasy roleplaying game!

Part of the setting Braythe Shattered Realities, but easy to adapt to other fantasy settings

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