Immortal Arts

Immortal Arts is a Fantasy Tabletop Role Playing Game where Players take on the roles of Martial Arts Heroes on the path to attain Immortality, in a medieval fantasy world inspired by the myths and legends of the Far East. Set in a period of time between the rule of great empires, Immortal Arts provides a flexible game world that can be used as a backdrop for a wide variety of adventuring styles and storytelling.

This complete rulebook includes guidelines for Character Creation, Martial Arts Forms and Techniques, Factions, Stunts and Powers, Gameplay Rules, Skills, NPCs, Animals and Monsters, Supernatural Creatures such as Dragons, Shapeshifters, Goblins, and Vampires, Equipment and Vehicles, Traditional Sorcery, Spells, Magical Items, an overview of the game’s setting and history, and more.

This game requires the use of 6 sided dice, and a minimum of 1 or more players.

Which path will you walk to learn the Immortal Arts?

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