Járnheimr Saga Mythic Viking Adventures

Ragnarökr unfolded as prophesied to Óðinn the All Father by the three Nornir. Fenrisúlfr the wolf escaped his bonds and the forces of gods and monsters gathered for battle. The war was bloody and fearsome. Whole landscapes burned.

Gods and heroes died entwined in battle with monsters and ötnar. The Vanir Freyja took pity on the humans being slaughtered in their masses and cast them to Járnheimr, a hidden, bleak land known only to a few; a secret prison where the most wicked of all the races were banished. Looking upon the bleak lands for the first time, many wished to return and fall in battle.

That was seven generations ago. Now you must gather a warband to explore this icy wasteland to protect your clan from fierce beasts, terrifying monsters, and starvation. Every day is a struggle to survive. Raise a drinking horn, sharpen your axe, and pray to the gods—if they still live—for victory and glory!

Járnheimr Saga MYTHIC viking Adventures is a stand alone RPG coupling the popular minimalist Tricube Tales rules by Zadmar games with a historically flavored Norse mythology set in an icy wasteland where deadly beasts and mischievous spirits prowl.

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