Welcome to Journey, a Sci Fi TTRPG with 2d20 mechanics and a heavy focus on narrative role play. It’s my first single project RPG after many years of playing different kinds of games.

I wanted to create a game that was easy for the Storyteller to get into, with freedom and possibilities to create their own stuff in my setting. Also, I aimed to develop a system where players could mix and match, and focus on character development, without feeling bound to classes.

In Journey you get

  • 2d20 mechanics with easy to learn rules for character creation, combat, and general skill checks.
  • A classless system that allows players to mix and match from a wide range of talents, enabling them to create the character they want.
  • An easy system where Storytellers can create their own content for the setting.
  • Quick and narrative combat, even for larger groups, without the need for minis and tabletop requirements.
  • Unique Magic Journey uses a newly made, unique magic system called The Ether.
  • Unique Galaxy with fleshed out planets, societies, races, and lore.

Inspired by everything I love and enjoy about Sci Fi movies, games, shows, etc., I have created Journey. It is a Sci Fi game set in a fictive Galaxy where Humans of different classes, unique aliens like Isorians, Brallans, and Yaeni have formed an alliance against piracy and the horrific Shadow Creatures.

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