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Hi everybody,

the first batch of the release is here!

You can find the Dwarven Throne Room and the Dwarven House Objects and Props in the links above. These sets are large, highly detailed and customizable, with tons of props to enrich your dungeons rooms and encounters. I have used new rock textures for this set which should come out really well with a drybrush, as well tons of minor details that will give an extra layer to your dwarven themed terrain.

Dwarven Throne Room – The aim of this set was to make something that would function as a room even without tiles and walls. Between decorated plinths, statues, columns and the throne stand itself you can basically create a room for your table on any battlemat. There is a bit of extra storytelling here as the Dwarves feast one last time with their leaders before they stand and fight against the approaching horde. I believe the barricades are really versatile also for forts, sieged castles and so on.

Dwarven House – This set is more focused on giving canonical Dwarven house terrain. There are a lot of minute details with which you can also decor miner houses, fort garrison rooms, and so on. There is even a pool/bath thing there! Most objects come with a furnished variant, or you can build your own by printing the props separatedly. Finally, there is also an altar to the Dwarven ancestors!

The statue and the tiles are coming soon, as well as a poll for September and the Welcome Pack expansion.

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