Star City Snooper Chemical Depot

Star City Snooper Chemical Depot

The Star City Snooper is a new planned series of small products that detail the interiors and descriptions of various shops, dwellings, etc. that you would find in a futuristic star faring city. This product line serves space opera/star faring campaigns in the same manner that the Village Snooper line serves fantasy settings. The feel of these products is a mixture of futuristic and familiar elements. The author places a fair amount of focus on the civilian, everyday aspects of such locations.

This eight release of the Star City Snooper details the interior floor plan of a chemical depot. This location is a place where various chemicals are stored in drums and tote tanks until purchased or otherwise needed. The map is a big larger than prior Star City Snooper releases, making this location an ideal adventure crawl if desired. The presence of acidic, explosive, and toxic chemicals adds potential hazards and tricky situations for a group of player characters.

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