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By readers’ request, Kent David Kelly and Wonderland Imprints are proud to offer this art free, unillustrated edition of The Classic Dungeon Design Guide, Book III.

Whether you are a phone or tablet user, or if you are concerned about PDF file size, or you want to encourage content creators to not use AI generated artwork, or simply for aesthetic reasons, you will find that this edition contains the complete original text without any illustrations. (Diagrams created by the author are still included for purposes of clarity.)

Please note that pagination is compacted and very different in this edition; a PDF bookmarked Table of Contents has been provided for ease of reference.

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Enchanted fountains shadowed by gargoyle sentries,

Tricksy nymphs cavorting in crystal pools,

Unholy altars, sacred shrines,

Undiscovered treasure vaults,

Thousands upon thousands of wondrous rooms

Filled with treasure, tricks, magic and eldritch horror,

All awaiting your heroes’ intrepid discovery …

What greater mysteries await far below,

For only the most dauntless magi

And fearless warlords to ever find?

Continuing the proud tradition of The Classic Dungeon Design Guide (Books I and II), Book III provides you with a nearly endless array of dungeon room types which you can use to build any size, plan and theme of dungeon you desire. This is the largest and most extensive dictionary of dungeon rooms in existence, featuring over 1,300 unique entries and 6 matrixed D1000 generation tables for the appropriate thematic structuring of underworld strongholds, ruins, temples, tombs, cave labyrinths, and more.

The exhaustively complete matrix tables allow you to build thematic dungeons with ease, just using room size consideration, floor planning, and random die rolls. When coupled with the dungeon content generation systems featured in Book II, you will now have everything you need to create an infinite number of instant dungeon rooms with instant contents and unique features.

In this massive tome you will also find many detailed real world examples of layouts and room arrangements for caves, dungeons, manor houses, castles, and catacombs; and underworld lore that explains how to turn random results into coherently structured underworlds (such as deep dwarven undercities, arenas, hideouts, haunted fanes, and more).

So what are you waiting for? This book is the perfect companion to The Classic Dungeon Design Guides I and II, and has been specially designed to serve both as a learning grimoire and as a tabletop go to book for design and for sandbox play. After all, if you’re going to dare to delve into the netherworld, you should probably take not just a lantern and an elvish sword of great antiquity; you should also carry the ultimate guidebook with you along the way …

Another classic and epic Fantasy Role Playing Game Supplement from Wonderland Imprints, Only the Finest Works of Fantasy. (85,500 words, 209 pages.)


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