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This is a package that contains all the articles from the second issue ofARCADIA, MCDM’s digital magazine for 5th edition GMs and players. This issue has four new subclasses, monsters, and a short adventure for use at your table. Enjoy!

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Compendium ExpansionSubclasses of the Seasonsby Joshua Mendenhall, with art from Marlow Lune. Make every part of the year epic with four season themed spellcasting subclasses the College of Springtide for bards, the Child of the Sun Bloodline for sorcerers, the Horned One patron for warlocks, and the Order of Hibernation for wizards.

Compendium ExpansionPeriodic Table of Elementalsby Makenzie De Armas, with art from Grace Cheung. Lethal, reactive, and unstable…meet four new elementals that make encounters explode with possibility! Plus, rules for reactivities extra powers an elemental receives when it teams up with a different elemental ally.

Addon AdventureWell of the Lost Godsby Rich Lescouflair, with art by Nick De Spain, Faizal Fikri, Jason Hasenauer, and Diana Muñoz. Stop an ancient laboratory from creating destructive magic in this short adventure for 8th level characters.

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