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This is a package that contains all the articles from the third issue ofARCADIA, MCDM’s digital magazine for 5th edition GMs and players. This issue has new ancestries, spells, rules, and a short adventure for use at your table. Enjoy!

This digital product includes

Compendium ExpansionThe Dream Kinby Justice Arman, with art from Ilse Gort. Three new ancestries for 5th Edition characters lucidlings born from alien dreams, sand speakers who travel through dreams and steal thoughts, and star skinned somnians who create both dreams and nightmares.

Compendium ExpansionTen Spells You Need in 5eby Celeste Conowitch, with art from Grace Cheung and Conceptopolis. This article presents ten spells from previous editions of the game updated for fifth edition, including glitterdust, nature’s ladder, and permanency.

Compendium ExpansionAces Highby Sam Mannell, with art from David Su and Jason Hasenauer. Prepare for dramatic highs and crash and burn lows with these new rules for dogfighting aerial combat. Plus an encounter on the back of a dragon!

Addon AdventureA Diamond in the Roughby Alison Huang, with art from Nick De Spain, Miska Fredman, and Conceptopolis. This roleplay heavy adventure for 3rd level characters asks the heroes to find a jewel thief in a family manor.

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