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ARCADIA 7is all about nature. This is a compendium that contains all the articles from the seventh issue ofARCADIA, MCDM’s digital magazine for 5th edition GMs and players. This includes the following two expansions and a mini addon and has a cover from Ian Ameling. Enjoy!

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Compendium ExpansionThe Pickling Guild by Sharang Biswaswith art from Gustavo Pelissari and Grace Cheung. The Guild of Pickling, Fermentation & Food Preservation is a network of eccentric culinary enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting at the intersection of alchemy and gastronomy … or so the public believes! This article includes the organization’s details and secrets, profiles of important NPC members, new food themed magic items like sepulcheese, and a stat block for the Pickling Guild domain.

Compendium ExpansionWonders of the Wilds by Hannah Rosewith art from Kent Davis, Jr. and Nephelomancer. “Wonders of the Wilds” features new nature themed magic items, like the bag of saplings and staff of the seasons, and new spells for druids and rangers (and also sorcerers, warlocks, and wizards), like ice sheet and sandstorm.

Mini Addon AdventureAethelfaer by Sara Thompsonwith art from Grace Cheung. Aethelfaer is a badass NPC ranger who could become friend or foe to the characters, depending on how they treat his forest. This article provides Aethelfaer’s story, statistics, plot hooks, and ready to play encounter with a bewitched unicorn!

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