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ARCADIA 8is an ode to monsters. This is a compendium that contains all the articles from the eigth issue ofARCADIA, MCDM’s digital magazine for 5th edition GMs and players. The cover is by Sean Andrew Murray. Enjoy!

Compendium ExpansionSubclasses of the Hag by Jessica Marcrumwith art from Grace Cheung. Harness the power of wicked fey and fiends with three new subclasses the Hag warlock patron, the Wicked Witch sorcerous origin, and the bardic College of Grandmother’s Tales. If you’re a fan of hags (or just witchy goodness) you’re going to enjoy the way these subclasses tap into the titular creature’s power.

Compendium ExpansionMonstrous Components by V.J. Harriswith art from Nick De Spain. This is easily one of the most robustARCADIAarticles yet. Now you can harvest monster parts and use them in your spellcasting. How does feather fall change when you cast it with an angel feather? What happens when you use an ancient red dragon’s breath gland to cast fireball? Get to butchering and find the answers!

Compendium ExpansionThe Emerald Exchange by Bianca Bickfordwith art from Elisa Serio and Miska Fredman. Need to buy some magic items? Emerald can help! Just don’t ask how her humble little shop acquired that flametongue and helm of teleportation … yeah, you got us. It was a secret thieves’ guild!


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