ARCADIA | Issue 10


Familiar Suspects by Celeste Conowitch

This article gives you advice and instructions for taking almost any creature from the core rules and turning it into a familiar for a spellcaster. Plus it provides five new familiars including the miniature xorn and unicorn foal.

Artist Credits Nick De Spain

Arms of Accord by Scott Fitzgerald Gray

Behold five new magic weapons crafted ages ago for epic heroes. Those who find one weapon will search for the others, as bringing the items together makes them even more powerful!

Artist Credits Gustavo Pelissari

Defend Yer Gobbo Cave! by Anthony Joyce Rivera

Play goblin characters in this tower defense style adventure that comes with pregenerated characters, a customizable base, and several deadly traps. You’ll need all your wits to defend yer gobbo cave from monocle wearing stirges and undead kobolds!

Artist Credits Tulio Brito (Conceptopolis)

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