ARCADIA | Issue 11


Angelic Ancestries by Sadie Lowry

Remember Sadie’s work on “Uqaviel, the Recreant” from ARCADIA 1? She’s back with more angel goodness, and this time the players get in on the heavenly feeling. We’ve got four new player ancestries plus two awesome NPCs to add to your game. Get ready to meet the scions! The art in this article comes from the great.

Artist Credits Nephelomancer

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors by Justice Arman

Sometimes you steal a painting from a local noble and need to unload it fast. Other times you need to get your hands on some outlawed firearms. That’s where our fences come in! This article contains rules for buying and selling stolen goods and three unique NPCs ready to fence for you.

Artist Credits Elisa Serio

I Cut Off Its Snout by Rudy Basso

Sure you’ve fought owlbears, but have you ever tasted one? This article introduces new rules for cooking up monsters! The critters you fight on adventures might just be your next lunch. Cooked to perfection, these foes aren’t just tasty.

Artist Credits Gustavo Pelissari

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