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ARCADIA 12is here! This issue contains the following three articles and has a cover from Martin Sobr.

Compendium ExpansionSo Your Best Friend Is a Monster by Jessica Marcrum.You know how sometimes the characters make friends with a monster and instead of battling to the death, they decide to save the creature? Or you know how sometimes you can turn into a half spider demon after, say, pissing off a certain eight legged goddess? Well we got you covered! This article presents rules for uncursing driders, harpies, and medusas and turning them back into humanoids plus rollable tables for generating quick and dirty curses.Artist CreditsElisa Serio

Compendium ExpansionFey of the Shadowfell by Jonathan Connor Self.This article gives you new dark fey creatures to add to your game. When fey move to the Shadowfell, whimsy and passion can turn to pain and rage. These creatures make excellent villains and NPCs for your next adventure! Say hello to new hags and fomorians and unique creatures like the bogie and lubberkin.Artist CreditsFaizal Fikri, Zuzanna Wuzyk

Addon AdventureThe Stuff of Nightmares by Carlos Cisco.Run one of these two nightmare encounters and your characters won’t take long rests for granted again! If they dare to stay at the Helm Street Inn, they’ll find the murderous Glass Ghost stalks their dreams. When a hypnagoug crosses their path, they’ll have to act fast or become the first victims of an aberration that uses their energy to tear into our reality.Artist CreditsGustavo Pelissari

Compendium ExpansionThe Dimensions of Dowda by Robert J. Kuntz.You get a bonus article in this issue! We’re presenting a magic item with adventure inside for the first edition of the game. Dowda’s Lantern contains an entire secret dimension. Defeat the item’s four challenges, and it’s power is yours. A conversion guide for using this article with fifth edition rules is included.Artist CreditsNick De Spain

Artist Credits Nick De Spain

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