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ARCADIA 14is here! This issue contains the following three articles and has a cover from Henrik Rosenborg.

Compendium ExpansionThe Big and the Small by Willy Abeel.Want to play an ogre character? Of course you do. They have layers. What about a pixie? Heck yeah! This article presents new ancestries including the Large sized coalder, ogre, one and a halfling, and beefling as well as the Tiny mousquetaire, pixie, garden gnome, and impling. Plus a new creature and companion, the tarrascal!Artist CreditsGustavo Pelissari.

Compendium ExpansionBotanical Undead by Gwendolyn Marshall.You’re going to need a bigger lawn mower! The Corrupted Forest was once the battleground in a war of druids against necromancers. The residual magic from the conflict blighted the land, causing plants to grow with a life of their own and the dead to rise! This article presents the forest’s details and provides five new plant themed undead, including the fungal zombie, shambling corpse mound, thorn skeleton, treant zombie, and vine ghast.Artist CreditsNick De Spain and Miska Fredman.

Addon AdventureThe Afterparty by Sally Tamarkin with Wray Wroulette by Mike Seeley.The goodbye gala for the young Aurelius Wray can’t be missed. Before this young aristocrat continues the family tradition of a career in the military, their grandfather is throwing one last shebang. Too bad it’s cursed! But don’t worry, the party never stops in this adventure for 3rd level characters, which includes the new dice game, Wray Wroulette.Artist CreditsZuzanna Wuzyk, Faizal Fikri, and Miska Fredman.

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