ARCADIA | Issue 17


Slopengrimer’s Guide to Visco City by Jon Aldric with art from Patrik Hell. Moira Slopengrimer brings you through the sewers beyond the lair of serumous hag into the underground ooze opolis of Visco City. This bustling city is filled with new Oozes and magic items for sale … just make sure you don’t piss off the Regigoo. Check out this goo nique adventure location.

Unorthodox Win Conditions by Leon Barillaro with art from Miska Fredman. Not every battle is a fight to the last hit point. Sometimes it’s about finding the real enemy amid a crowd of bewitched hostiles. Other times you need to defend a True Elf while they perform a ritual to get their mojo back. Or maybe you find yourself playing a lethal game of Treasure Run inside the lair of a big, ol’ blue dragon. Get three awesome encounters that have exactly what the title promises in this article.

Divine Trials Glory of the Sun by Sadie Lowry and Amber Litke with art from Miska Fredman and Zuzanna Wuzyk. This is the first in a three article adventure series! Each divine trial takes place in a short, unique dungeon meant to test the heroic mettle of 5th level characters. In the Sun Trial, characters better check their ego and hubris at the door or get burned like Icarus by the divine arbiter running the place. That’s not always easy, especially when there are treasures to be claimed by bragging and showing off!


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