ARCADIA | Issue 18


Unearthly Weapons by Ben McFarland with art from Nick De Spain

Awesome characters need similarly awesome weapons—and better yet, most of these magic weapons can be any type of weapon or can take any form the wielder desires, with dazzling visual effects every time you parry a blow or score a critical hit. Each weapon also includes history and lore that could inspire a new subplot or a whole campaign arc!

Appendix NPC Part 1 by Sam Mannell with art from Patrik Hell

Are you tired of using the basic acolyte, cultist, guard, and knight stat blocks over and over again, or spending two hours making just the right stat block for your favorite NPC even though they might not show up in combat? Part 1 of the “Appendix NPC” comes to the rescue with fourteen new Humanoid stat blocks that you can use or tweak to suit your needs, including the arcane student, the troubadour warrior, and the bodyguard.

Puzzles of Permanence by Rachael Cruz with art from Matheus Graef (Conceptopolis)

Spice up your next dungeon with a courtyard of petrified adventurers, a massive gyroscopic puzzle ball, or a cursed sphinx! This article contains three drop in puzzle encounters that challenge your players (with plenty of hints if they get stuck) and grant them uniquely valuable rewards.

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