ARCADIA | Issue 19


Cursed Treasures by Jacky Leung with art from Grace Cheung

Surprise your players with three unique magic items that carry insidious curses, ways that stalwart adventurers can purge those curses, and guidance to create your own cursed items. The Boots of Tartarus let you walk across lava and travel into the Ethereal Plane, for the low, low price of possibly being trapped in a labyrinthine demiplane and hunted by chain devils.

Divine Trials Shadows of the Moon by Amber Litke and Sadie Lowry with art from Zuzanna Wuzyk and cartography from Miska Fredman

This much anticipated adventure is the second of three divine mini dungeons to challenge prospective heroes—this time by making them confront their own fears, faults, and dark reflections. There are monsters lurking in the shadows of past regrets … but those who triumph will emerge with newfound resolve and sagacity.

Break In Case of TPK by Justice Ramin Arman and Anthony Joyce Rivera with art from Henrik Rosenborg

These four encounters make having a TPK sound like an unexpectedly good time! It’s definitely a lifesaver (no pun intended) if the characters rush into a boss fight underprepared and get crushed. These encounters range from a fun get out of dead free card to a dubious deal—or desperate battle—with a cunning lich.


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